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ScienceDirect - Effect of augmented reality books in salivary cortisol levels in hospitalized pediatric patients: A randomized cross-over trial
ScienceDirect - Nationwide prevalence and clinical characteristics of inpatient diabetic foot complications: A Peruvian multicenter study
EBSCO - Chromosomal Polymorphism and Speciation: The Case of the Genus Mazama (Cetartiodactyla; Cervidae)
ScienceDirect - Mammal Conservation in Amazonia’s Protected Areas: A Case Study of Peru’s Ichigkat Muja - Cordillera del Cóndor National Park
IOP -  Proposal for the application of ICE and BIM sessions to increase productivity in construction
IOP - On the controllability of a model system for long waves in nonlinear dispersive media
ScienceDirect - Survival and early growth of 51 tropical tree species in areas degraded by artisanal gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon
ScienceDirect - Multiple relationships between aerosol and COVID-19: A framework for global studies
ScienceDirect - Learning patterns of tourist movement and photography from geotagged photos at archaeological heritage sites in Cuzco, Peru
EBSCO - Assessing the play and learning environments of children under two years in peri-urban Lima, Peru: a formative research study
ALICIA - Historical and Philosophical Prerequisites for the Analysis of Cognition Objectivity in the Social Sciences
ALICIA - La política de Nueva Normalidad bajo el lente de la filosofía social
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